Product Launch

3,2,1… Take off! We launch the product, measure the results and plan for further growth.

Who Are We?

Mission Statement

Establish partnerships with strategic businesses to grow globally and swiftly together with cost-effective and integrated solutions maximizing ROI.


To become the world’s leading business partner for strategic start-ups and established businesses, helping them break down barriers to entry through strong business networks, innovative solutions and an established supply chain framework.


  • Maintaining a pristine reputation as the trusted global growth solutions provider and partner for businesses.

  • Always working in the best interests of our partners in a true partnership manner.

  • Committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence in all we do.

  • Building a steadfast relationship of mutual trust and value with each of our business partners.

What Can We Provide?

General Management At A Local Level

The Team

Mario Nawfal

(Based in the USA)


Bernard Nassif

(Based in the UK)

Bernard is a management visionary, climbing the ranks of the global conglomerate L’Oreal ($106.6 Billion) to claim a Managing Director role for L’Oreal Europe ...

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Victor Maxwell

(Based in South Africa)

Victor is a commercially astute and versatile MBA holder and Chartered Accountant with Big 4 professional training and senior management level experience within global, large scale ($6 billion ...

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Daniel Dimov

(Based in Belgium)

Daniel Dimov is an Internet Law and a PhD candidate at the Center for Law in the Information Society at Leiden University (Netherlands). Daniel is also a fellow of the Internet Corporation for ...

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Kanika Agarwal

(Based in Singapore)

Kanika is a visionary digital transformation strategist. A Keynote Speaker and Digital Marketing Trainer, she is the Founder & CEO of Passion Peers, Asia's fastest growing ...

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Dimitar Savov

(Based in Bulgaria)

Dimitar is the founder and CEO of Startup Masters, a Digital Performance Marketing agency. He has participated in over 200 online business projects over the past 12 years ...

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Andrea Wall

(Based in Australia)

Andrea has over 15 years’ experience in the field of accounting and finance. Andreahas in-depth knowledge of an extensive range of accounting softwares and has experience in supervising ...

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Fabian Jun

(Based in Germany)

Fabian's computer science background has allowed him significant experience in the digital marketing field with a strong focus on data analysis. Fabian Jun has worked as a generalist ...

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Candy Eum

(Based in Australia)

A well-rounded Marketing Manager with a diverse marketing background in a range of industries, Candy has developed in-depth experience for products and services for B2B and B2C brands ...

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Feon Chan

(Based in Hong Kong)

Feon is a successful marketing executive, implementing modern marketing strategies to all businesses she assists. Feon has climbed the ranks to Marketing Executive in under 6 ...

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Simona Popova

(Based in Bulgaria)

A Master of Google, Facebook and Microsoft advertising platforms. Simona is a certified Google Adwords and Bing Ads accredited professional with years of experience ...

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Members in the team


Different nationalities represented in our team


Happy clients


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